Dear Heart.  

Dear beautiful, gorgeous, loving, forgiving Heart.  

Thank you for always being here for Me.

I am so sorry for not listening to you, and as sorry as I am, I am also grateful for your Patience and Stability.  I have longed to tell you something you may not have heard in a long time.  I love You.  I love Me.  I love my Self.

I want to change my Heart.  I want to listen to you always, love you always, and do right by you always.  I am tired of running from my Self.  I am worn out from resisting You and feeling pain and sorrow.

Dear Heart, you are my Saviour.  You are beautiful beyond comprehension.  You are kind and generous.  You have a most innocent intent.  

My Heart, my essence – I want to nourish and feed you well.  I want to breathe into the depths of your chambers and feel your steady rhythms.  I choose to be with you again, as I did once upon a time.  Let us play and spend more time together, indulging in the things you Love and feel Passion for.  Let us eat ice cream and chocolate and walk barefoot.  Let us read the stories that thrill and hear music that moves us to dance and laugh.

Dear Heart, you are Precious. 


It can be traumatic, having to accept, that we would be someone’s disappointment.  Yet diamonds can be discovered within this rough terrain. 

All of us have been diminished by the words of others.  Let’s break through all the craziness to see, hear, and feel the tenderness of our own Hearts.  Let us awaken from the shame and unworthiness that we feel and have been made to feel.  We were not born unworthy.  We have been taught to feel unworthy, directly or indirectly, in many different ways, by many different sources.


It is time to be responsible for being here and being present.  It is time to connect with our humanness and be curious and interested in how we really feel about things.  


When we let go of what we know, we have space to fill our Selves with wonder.  We are all stronger than we think.

Uncomfortable insights can open our Hearts.  With genuine love for our Selves we can see what is holding us back.  The truth can be unsettling even though it is liberating.  No matter what we feel, we are not alone.  Our community is human, so we all have a common thread.  

Unconditional love always accepts us as we are and tells us the Truth. The Truth is we are worth it.  It is time to unapologetically reclaim this.

Being Pure will set us free.  When we are authentic there is nothing to fight and everything to gain.  The most authentic self, our Purity, can be felt through the Heart. Let us practise how we can be Pure in with each other.  How do we feel when we speak to others?  


That gut feeling – that is our Heart talking to us. 


Our relationship with our Heart is significantly larger than we think.  To understand our Heart we must soften, breathe, and concede that our Heart is designed to Love.

Take a breath and soften.

If every person on this planet spent just five minutes a day in communion with their Heart, how would this world change?  How would we all feel?  Instead, most of us run from our Heart – afraid of what it asks from us.


Sometimes we feel betrayed by our Heart.  But it is our Heart that breaks and hurts when we do not listen to it.  Our Heart knows our Truth, though sometimes we think it is easier to put up a wall and resist the guidance on offer.  Our Heart can shatter into a million tiny pieces when we turn away from it, yet it is powerful enough to drive us to the edge of insanity when we are afraid to speak our Truth.  In those dark moments, when we can no longer turn away, all we have to do it listen and our Heart and will guide us to a better place.

Our Heart is the voice of reason in times of chaos.  It is a safe space be, for it is the only place where Love can be received.  It creates space and never stops creating, for Love can be bigger than any ocean.  

All we need to do is open up and melt the tough exterior of our Selves, and be agreeable to being re-arranged.  Our Heart nourishes us mentally, physically, and emotionally.  It is a Magi on a hill that gives up purpose and direction.  It is a muscle that feeds our body, healing the organs and fuelling our energy.  It calls on every part of our Selves to work as One being.  When our Heart closes down it becomes constricted.  We are sick and the quality of our Life is compromised on all levels.  

When we allow our Selves to listen to our Heart, we become energised, passionate and crazy.  We walk on broken glass and swim across flooded rivers for Love.  We have the ability to do the impossible.  

Let us close our eyes, breathe, and draw air into our lungs.  As we exhale, we soften.  We let go and fall a little deeper into the space behind the breath, behind the lungs, and into our Heart.  We can do this as many times as we want, until we find peace, serenity, and softness.  This space, the Heart space, knows all.  It is majestic and innocent.

We are worthy of this Heart space and its Beauty, for our Heart want everything for us.  It knows our worth.  All we have to do is listen and receive the Whispers.


The world we live in is seductive.  Unravelling every piece of information, every message of what is good or not good for us, what is of benefit or a threat to our future, what is real and not real can be confusing, bamboozling and outright deceptive.  When we deconstruct all that has been presented, we can be left on edge, untrusting or feeling controlled.  So, how can we navigate our way through the Mystery of Life?

Take a breath and breathe.  Let’s take a moment and let go.

What is emotion is bubbling up?  What imprints have been left on the mind?  Is there anxiety, serenity, restlessness, or boredom?  What is nibbling away at our sense of well-being?

Let us breathe again and start right here, right now.

The choice to be who we are is one of the greatest gifts we can give our Selves.  We forget the true Source of our history when we become frozen with fear, and when we believe what we are told we should believe.  Perhaps now is the time to question everything and not be afraid to do so. Perhaps the niggles of anxiety and the tightness in our chest are messages from our Hearts, asking us to loosen the grip of what we think is real.  Our inner voices can be accurate at telling us when something is not adding up.

Our inner guidance system is a temple of discernment and has access to the resonance of Love when our Heart is open.  Which voice shall we listen to when all the voices outside of our Selves become too loud?  We can experience so much empowerment just by tapping into our Heart’s voice.  

We can contemplate the Mystery of nature, soothe our Souls by the sea, and Mother our inner Selves by examining the architecture of our Hearts.  We are unlimited in our creative potential if we make our Hearts the centre of our world.

If we feel agitated, irritated, or angry, understand that there are places within our Selves that want to be liberated.  Waking up to the Divine aspect of our Selves can be messy.  But if we remember we are all students who have the capacity to learn how to communicate with our higher Selves, then this practice is what can help us get through the Mystery of Life.  

So let us get back to the present for it is a great place to start.


When we regularly practise mindfulness, we have moments when we stop, release the mind chatter, drink in stillness, and radiate an inner smile.  In those moments we open an inner door and walk through to dreamscapes that soothe the inner ramblings, replacing them with babbling brooks as we float downstream, pausing to appreciate the moment within our consciousness.

As the sounds of the external and inner worlds become quieter, we become calmer. We become momentarily agreeable with everything the world is saying to us, whatever the world is saying.  Simultaneously we become aware of the air speaking to us through the wind, the birds singing their songs, and the bustle of people moving from one place to another.  We refresh our perspective and become even more still, and calmer.  Our breath captures the essence of our environment and from moment to moment everything is serene as we become one with all that is around.

Breathe in.  Breathe out.

As our senses becomes quieter and calmer, we reflect in the deep, calming peace.  We cleanse and nourish our senses.  We become the stillness that we are seeking, and the sweetness of doing nothing provides a healing relief.  In this timeless bubble we behold within all the Beauty that surrounds us.  We mirror all that is.

As we drop our armour, we embrace our Selves the way we were made.  We communicate with our Hearts and appreciate the gifts, and the adversities, that have been experienced.  We lift up our Hearts and we are fearless.

Consciousness of our Selves is always calm, peaceful, clear and loving.  When we encounter this truth, we come into contact with the Beauty of our Light.  We are Love in motion and we are Beauty in motion.  This is something we rarely concede to in the external world.

In our beautiful, inner world we become aware that we are not alone.  There is a Presence with us that is captivated by our essence.  In this inner world we are listened to, important, and recognised for who and what we are, and it provides such consolation.  We are recognised for being Beautiful, Elegant, Innocent and Perfect.  This Presence within holds us in awe.  

We breathe in.  We breathe out.

As our awareness shifts back out to the world we live in, we recall we are in a world that contains Beauty, with oceans, rivers, mountains, birds, blossoms, and an infinite number of amazing features.  We stand back and observe the glorious scenery and marvel at the uniqueness of all the creations, feeling our Hearts pound with Love and passion.   

Here is the beginning of healing for all of us.  Let us no longer feel shame for being our Selves.  Here is the start of our day and the sigh of our goodnight.  Here is where our adventure begins, with our Beauty shining bright.


Mastering Life can feel exhausting, over-whelming, and un-obtainable.  Trying to be a “better” person while walking through a human Life, with the awareness and humility of a spiritual being, can feel heavy and burdensome.  Some days it can be difficult just to get out of bed.  But why is it important to us to live with an open heart?  

The more expanded our perspective to see different sides of a story, the greater our capacity is to understand and Love.  If someone is not being honest and open with us, we can deal with them by being guarded and defensive.  But being guarded and defensive reflects a small and narrow capacity to understand and Love.  

Our capacity to Love is greater when our Heart is open.  We may be able to understand that someone is not being honest with us because they are coming from a place of fear, or trauma.  With an open heart, we can reason with that person from a place of compassion, instead of guardedness and aggression.  The more perspective we have of Life, the less reactive we are.  What others may do to us will not appear so personal and we can choose to leave relationships with less emotion and resistance.  

Sometimes we can still feel stuck emotionally, despite being able to see different points of view.   We want to move out of situations to overcome frustration and negativity, but in truth we are exactly where we need to be in any given moment.  We are impatient because we are judging where we are, and we forget who we really are.  Being the humans we are, we tend to be very hard on our Selves.  

Self-mastery can feel like we are sacrificing consistently.  Following The Way of our Hearts requires us to be vulnerable all the time.  What if there is only one energy within us, and that energy is always seeking to uplift Us?  What if that energy is always seeking to move us to better and better places and every time we close our hearts and not trust, we are blocking the flow, and the richness of a new perspective?  


Following our Hearts will stretch us in ways we have never explored.  It challenges us and tests our patience.  It is perfectly okay to need reassurance.  Who does not want to know that the path we are on is true and real? It is normal to want to be constantly Loved and embraced by everyone.  And when we are told we are loved and embraced, what is that discomfort we feel?  What is that twinge in our chest?  Are we resisting Love?  Breathe.

Training our bodies, Hearts, and minds to remain open all the time takes work.  It requires effort and discipline, and the reward is pure Gold.  When we listen to our Hearts long enough our energy will shift, things will pick up, and the only action we need to take is Surrender and everything is naturally organised. 

So, on those days when it is difficult to get out of bed, let us sit with those feelings and use them as the seeds to expand our perspective and keep our Hearts open.  Let us upgrade, restructure and transform.


“I have a dream….”

We all have Dreams.  We all have Imagination.  We all have Vision.  We think and plan our future with Creativity and Wisdom.  We see what lies ahead, and we recall where we came from.

Saints, mystics, and shamans have been deemed as ‘Special’ people who are spiritually worthy enough to handle Visions.  But we all can invoke our own visual landscapes, even though some of us feel we lack the creativity and strength to do this.  We all are powerful beyond measure, and we all have this gift.  


How do we really want to live?  There is a power that is flowing through and to us, to the invisible and unseen parts of our personalities.  No one else can see what we see within our own Selves.  We can choose to use our inner sight for the benefit of our Selves.


Visions can dramatically change the course of lives.  We can be propelled forward in quantum leaps by what we can see beyond our ordinary eyes.  Our Visions are a sacred intersection.  We have the tools of prayer, meditation, solitude, gratitude, beauty, grace, joy and Vision to use to See beyond what we know we can see.  If we seek divine insight, we will find it with Vision.

We communicate our willingness for Wisdom with daydreams and nightdreams.  Our dreams are Visions of our stories, where we have been and why, where we are headed and how we can get there, and how we can resolve that which lies heavy on our Hearts. Dreams help us.

Through the power of our Imagination, we can bring the future into our present.  We can attract our Visions to us, pulling our aspirations closer to our Souls.  When we can see where we want to go, we can then act according to what we want to become.  Our perception, our will, our memory, and our intuition are all used to build Visions for our Selves, creating our Desires in our minds before we manifest them.  

Without Vision we are lost and unfocussed.  Having a Dream gives us reason and provides Inspiration to move.  Having a Dream gives us Faith, and that in turn opens doors for miracles.   Visions change and pivot us and helps us to live intentionally in every moment.  By living in the moment, and in accordance with our Dreams, our Vision can be a gateway to more than what we can see.


Every single time we behave in a reactive or defensive manner we feed into fear, despite the intellectual part of our Selves that knows the fear may not be real or true.  Trauma causes us to react with fear but being reactive and triggered does not heal our traumas.  Every time we are defensive, we avoid feeling the source of our triggers.  The only way to heal and grow is to do things a little differently.

In Truth, we are not required to fight anyone or anything to evolve and grow.  We are not required to suffer to learn how to Be, contrary to what we may have been raised to believe.  In fact, reacting with fear shows us how far we are from our highest Selves.  

Breathe.  And breathe again.  

We do not need suffering to learn.  We can use fear and suffering to accelerate our growth, but we can also evolve through Love, Grace and Compassion.  We can use these tools to learn and develop as human Beings.

We can outgrow situations of suffering by being humbled and using Gratitude to guide us.  Feeling Gratitude at the same time as feeling our Human emotions is possible and perfectly acceptable, no matter how polarised these feelings are.  Gratitude can be our friend that helps us to recognise the perfection of Life, which enables us to move forward into places where we want to Be. 

Being vulnerable cultivates a Self to be the best version of Self.  When we recognise how much effort and energy it takes to control a situation that is driven by fear, we can then see that by surrendering and allowing Grace into a situation we can effortlessly grow.   And sometimes we have no choice but to do this.

The energy that we embody must move to evolve.  At times, we can be cut so deep there is just no going back.  Whatever has happened cannot be fixed.  All we can do is transform the situation into a powerful tool to awaken with strength and compassion.  This is the path of the peaceful warrior.  

The natural state of our Heart dwells in Being Grateful.  Saying “thank you” for the experience to grow brings completion to that experience.  Let us thank our Selves for showing how strong we are, how wise we are, and how we can trust our Selves.  

Let us consider how magnificent, worthy and important human Life is.  Our Souls are given such a rich opportunity to flourish and grow in this world.  Then at the end of it all, our Souls discover there is nothing else to Be other than the Souls that we are.  Imagine only speaking from values that are important to us, rather than speaking from how we are triggered.  How much better Life would be for our Selves and those around us?


When we encounter the Beauty and Truth of our own Light within, we also encounter the wounds and trauma that have kept us from our Light.  This experience can be uncomfortable and cause us to pull away from the pain we feel.  We believe we do not deserve hurt and that some events should not have happened at all.  But the fact is – pain and discomfort happens to all humans Being.  

Amid the pain there is opportunity to overcome and move forward, to see what is on the other side of the coin.  It takes courage and boldness to turn our problems around, and courage and boldness to rest, slow down, breathe, and meditate in a world that demands so much energy from us, especially in a world where people are critical, judge and minimise those who chose to care for them Selves.  

No one will ever know what it is like to be Us, to be within our bodies, within every moment of our Life.  No one else will ever show up to the responsibilities we have taken on in our Life.  It is important for us to be on our own Team, independent of one another.  So, when challenged with criticism, it is an opportunity to double down and be stronger in who we are.  Our decisions on how we care for our Selves starts by listening to the Self without needing the permissions of others.  That is true sovereignty.

To be in a comfort zone, caring and nurturing for the Self, does not mean being lazy.  It is to feel easy and allow our Selves to melt in a healing way, to melt into our experience and surrender.  Sometimes that is the best way to live, without resistance and pushing things away.  

As we observe our Selves – our bodies, minds, and hearts – during the moments of self-love we become aware that we can grow in our capacity to regulate and make choices.  Once we strengthen this capacity muscle, we also strengthen the ability to choose the ‘meanings’ we make and feel.  We can better choose what serves us, and better distinguish what can destroy us.

When others doubt the choices we make for our Selves, it can be a reflection of them Selves questioning their own decisions – unconsciously asking why are they not doing the same thing for them Self.  At times like this, it may be useful to remember that we all set the standard for our own relationship with our Self.  The more Truths we uncover within our Selves through self-love, the more we will want to continue to grow within, and we become Divinely wealthy.  It is the return on the investment we make in our Selves.

We are here on Earth in large numbers and despite this, sometimes we feel alone.  Yet we all have a talent – intellectually, emotionally, empathically.  Our calling to fulfil our purpose does not always look like how we expect it.  As we mature, we work as co-creators, integrating our Life lessons and living effortlessly and comfortably, guided by Divine Love.  

Coming Apart

Coming Apart

Our relationship with our Selves is so much bigger than we can understand on a conscious level.  When we dig deep into our own Soul, we can discover all the ways we run away from who we really are and from our Hearts desires.  

We so often hear that who we really are is Love, but what does that mean?  If we are Love, then we are designed to Love.  This means we are designed to Love everything, including all the things that terrify us, all the things we abhor, and all the things that ever have, and ever will, hurt us.

However, being the humans that we are, we cannot stop our hearts from breaking, and sometimes Life overwhelms us, and we fall apart.

When we come apart, when we are feeling low, we have an opportunity to confront our own awareness of our greatness.  In these moments we can notice what feels good and right for us, and we often decide we are going to start something new.  We decide we do not want to be how we were, and we set new boundaries, new tones for relationships, or affirm new beginnings where we are going to Love our Selves more.  

Consider that when we come apart, there is an aspect of us trying to convince us that something is wrong, and it tells us we should be upset.  We all have a part of our Selves that is stuck in a timeline of somewhere, reminding us of how we have been hurt, done wrong, or are not worthy of good things.  We constantly mark events and emotions with time, and though we may forgive we do not forget.  Living in the Present is to live outside of the concept of time.  So, whatever happened that we are upset about, is a just a part of us that is stuck in time and is keeping us separate for the present.

Where we are right now determines our start.  In this moment we can embrace and accept the current state of our Being and let go of what cannot be controlled.  In this moment we can explore our Faith in having enough love and strength, mental, emotional, and physical energy, to be able to handle life whether it is easy or rough.

Coming apart emotionally creates a separation from being Present.  These moments are important for our human experience, for this is when we learn that being Present wakes us up from the dreaming about the past, or the future.   

When we fall apart, we really need to get out of our own way.  We need a plan for life and to listen to our Heart with omniscient awareness.  We can look to find Faith within our Souls to overcome the fear of doubt, as it is only with Faith that things come to pass.  Celebrating, appreciating and being grateful helps to keep Faith going so that we can reconcile with our Hearts.

When we are present, when we are being in Love, time does not exist.  Memories do not feel real, and the future does not matter.  When living in the present, being in Love, Life comes and goes, and whatever happened and will happen does not matter.  It is all an illusion.